One day, ducks

Some day, we said, we will feed the ducks
We will walk the lake, the four of us
Old-You, Old-I, Now-You, Now-I
We will hold hands ( (hostage) )
by our sides, careful not to touch.

We will look towards each other
And look away when caught.
Our words will tumble out at the same moment
And we will stop to let the other speak.
Our voices will crack and we'll say,
"All's well. I'm ok, really. It is just a cold."
I will offer my woolen scarf for your neck.

We will have grown
Up And Ap-
Old-I had wanted to grow old with Old-You.
But... Because... Forget it...
One day, we I will just feed the ducks.

- Tessa Poetessa
#writelikeaboss :: Because no *thing* should take away one's ability to fashion word palaces.


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